Unique experiences - in an intimate setting

You know the experience of sinking into the soft seats, in the semi-dark room, and finally, when the light is turned off – then you know you are about to be taken into a universe created by some of the film genres top talent. That's what the cinema can do, opposite an evening in front of the TV in your living room.

Establishment of an arthouse cinema in Huset Esbjerg is the first step in relation to establishing a strong film community about creating debate movies and art films in Esbjerg city.

The focal point of the arthouse cinema:
- A cinema operated with emphasis on the artistic content.
- Repertoire with emphasis on documentaries, arts and culture film
- A cinema that is open to ALL; for all individuals, interest groups, age groups, social segments and so on.
- Cooperation with business, institutions, schools and educational institutions
- Special package offers for different specific user and target groups (eg. School films, staff association mf.)
- Live Streaming of music concerts, lectures, sports events and other relevant events.

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  • 27 JunAt 10.00

    Where: Kunstbiografen

  • 25 SepAt 19.00

    The tast of beerOpen lecture from AU
    Where: Kunstbiografen
    Presale: 30 kr.
    In door: 50 kr.

    Open lecture from AU.
  • 9 OctAt 19.00

    Where: Kunstbiografen

    The Danish physicist Niels Bohr proposed in 1913 a model for nuclear construction, reminiscent of th...
  • 23 OctAt 19.00

    Where: Kunstbiografen

    Man is a superorganism that contains as many bacterial cells as human cells. Each person has his own...
  • 30 OctAt 19.00

    Where: Kunstbiografen

    Effective medicine is one of the foundations of our modern society - in fact, it is difficult to ima...
  • 6 NovAt 19.00

    Why do we get old?Open lecture from AU
    Where: Kunstbiografen

    We age everyone - it's a natural part of life. Wrinkles and gray hair are just some of the many sign...
  • 13 NovAt 19.00

    Where: Kunstbiografen

    Volcanic eruptions are violent geological events, but have they also affected human history? In this...
  • 20 NovAt 19.00

    AntimatterOpen lecture from AU
    Where: Kunstbiografen

    The word 'antimatter' often produces wild ideas about, for example, judgment-day weapons or energy s...