Black Oak County

Support: LIttle Johnny Walker

26. April 2019

Time: at 20.00
Place: 1. sal Price and subscription: Presale: 125 kr.
Presale, student: 95 kr.

Theatre of the mind is the brand-new album by Black Oak County.

Converting to an ass kicking power trio in the spring of 2018, the band went back into the studio to finish the 10 best songs out of the 100 of ideas gotten in the process of reshaping and revitalizing the band. Once again, they joined forces with producer and engineer Jonas Haagensen (Aphxion) in the well-known and legendary Danish Hansen Studio, own by Jacob Hansen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Volbeat, Pretty Maids, Amaranth).

“Theatre Of The Mind” is the title of the new album. The name came to Jack by listening to Sixx Sense, a podcast by Nikki Sixx where he was talking with Steve Vai. The sentence “Theatre Of The Mind” came a cross and just covered what the new album is about, and what the band have just gone through. Theatre of the mind deals with the human mind, troubled as it sometimes is. This is the band exercising their demons. Anger, anxiety and troubled relationships are the themes sifting through this collection of songs. All of which are deeply personal stories, with singer René Hjelm writing his heart out in these 10 songs.

The artwork is made by Danish tattoo artist David Troest, which sums up the record and the whole proces of making it.

While their debut album was in the ball park of hard rock sometime drifting into the realms of metal, Theatre Of The Mind has a more classic rock vibe, where Black Oak County have focused on the song, finding the great melody and groove, but still keeping the raw energy and the big choruses that the band is known for.

Theatre of the mind will be out on CD, LP and all streaming services, worldwide through Mighty Music on April 26.